Why mutual funds matter

Brief introduction to mutual funds

Mutual funds have emerged as one of the most popular and efficient investment vehicles around the globe. They play a vital role in spreading risk while providing access to a diversified range of investment opportunities that individual investors may find difficult to manage independently. Here's a deep dive into why mutual funds matter:

1. Diversification: Diversification is one of the cornerstones of risk management in investing. By spreading investments across a variety of assets, mutual funds help mitigate the risk associated with any single investment performing poorly. This broad exposure is particularly beneficial in the volatile world of crypto assets, where price swings can be dramatic and rapid.

2. Accessibility: Mutual funds enable investors of all sizes to access diverse portfolios, including those comprising of expensive assets. For instance, acquiring a single Bitcoin may be out of reach for many investors, but a mutual fund investing in Bitcoin along with other assets can offer exposure to Bitcoin's potential growth for a far smaller initial investment.

3. Professional Management: Mutual funds are typically managed by investment professionals who have the knowledge, expertise, and resources to make informed investment decisions. They track market trends, economic indicators, and individual asset performance to adjust portfolio holdings as necessary.

4. Liquidity: Shares in mutual funds can usually be bought or sold on any business day, providing investors with a level of liquidity that may not be available if they were to invest directly in the assets held by the fund.

5. Cost Efficiency: By pooling resources from many investors, mutual funds can take advantage of economies of scale, which can lower transaction costs. This is especially beneficial in the blockchain space, where transaction costs (gas fees) can be significant.

With the advent of decentralized finance (DeFi), the concept of mutual funds has been extended to cryptocurrencies through on-chain mutual funds. By leveraging smart contracts, these funds can automate much of the fund management process, providing the benefits of traditional mutual funds with the added advantages of transparency, trustlessness, and further potential cost savings.

Basket, as a provider of on-chain mutual funds, brings you the opportunity to take advantage of these benefits. Our product is designed to deliver the advantages of diversification, accessibility, professional management, liquidity, and cost efficiency to your cryptocurrency investments.

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