Understanding Basket's Competitive Fee Structure

At Basket, we believe in the democratization of investments and financial transparency. Our fee structure is designed with these principles at heart, offering affordability and clarity. Here's a guide to understanding our fees:

1.5% Transaction Premium:

Our primary fee is a 1.5% premium on both buying and selling shares in our fund. This fee covers the operational costs associated with managing and rebalancing the funds. The competitive nature of this fee is highlighted when compared to traditional mutual funds, which often charge management fees of 2% or more, along with several other hidden charges.

Transparent Pricing:

We pride ourselves on our transparent pricing. All fees are clearly stated, with no hidden costs or surprise charges. You'll always know what you're paying for when you invest with Basket.

Cost Efficiency:

Our innovative smart contract approach minimizes operational costs. This efficiency allows us to pass on savings to our investors, leading to lower fees compared to traditional mutual funds. The result? More of your money goes towards your investment, not fees.

Gas Fees:

Our Normal Buy and Sell options bundle transactions within a 24-hour frame to optimize gas fees. This approach allows investors to minimize costs related to blockchain transactions, making it more affordable to diversify your crypto portfolio.


No complex fee schedules or calculators needed. With Basket, the cost of investing is straightforward and easy to understand, ensuring you stay in control of your finances.

Comparison to Traditional Funds:

Traditional mutual funds often come with a myriad of costs - management fees, sales charges, exit fees, and more. Basket simplifies the process. Our streamlined and competitive 1.5% premium on transactions significantly reduces the cost barrier, making investment more accessible to all.

With Basket, you can invest with confidence, knowing you're not only getting access to diversified crypto portfolios but also benefitting from a competitive and transparent fee structure. This is our commitment to making the crypto investment landscape fairer and more inclusive.

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