What is Basket?

Brief introduction to Basket

Basket is a platform that simplifies the process of diversifying your cryptocurrency investments. It's an on-chain mutual fund, meaning it operates on the blockchain, harnessing the benefits of transparency, security, and efficiency inherent in this revolutionary technology.

At Basket, we're changing the way you invest in cryptocurrencies. Traditionally, investing in multiple coins has been a complicated process, requiring multiple transactions, and incurring substantial gas fees. With Basket, you can invest in multiple crypto assets with a single transaction, effectively creating your portfolio with a simple click. Our innovative batching system reduces gas fees by consolidating transactions, making diversification more affordable.

Beyond this, Basket takes care of portfolio rebalancing. This means we automatically adjust the asset allocation within the fund to maintain its initial composition, even when the values of individual coins fluctuate. This ensures that your portfolio always retains its strategic balance and aligns with your investment goals.

But perhaps the most distinctive feature of Basket is its trustless nature. Because Basket operates via a smart contract on the blockchain, there's no need to trust a third party with your investments. You have complete control over your shares, and can buy or sell at any time.

Join us at Basket, and experience a new era of cryptocurrency investing. With our platform, diversifying your investments becomes easier, cheaper, and more transparent.

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