How to Invest in Basket's Funds

A Step-by-Step Guide

Investing in our funds at Basket is designed to be user-friendly and straightforward. Here's a step-by-step guide to get you started:

Step 1: Visit Our Website Navigate to the Basket website from your browser. We recommend using a browser that supports Web3 applications for a seamless experience.

Step 2: Head to the Investment Tab On the main navigation bar of our website, click on the 'Investment' tab. This will take you to our range of funds.

Step 3: Choose Your Fund Browse through our range of funds and select the one that aligns with your investment strategy and risk appetite. Make sure to click on the 'Fact Sheet' next to each fund for detailed information about its asset allocation, performance, and other key metrics.

Step 4: Connect Your Wallet Ensure that your crypto wallet is connected to the website. You'll see an option on the top-right corner of the website to connect your wallet. If you're not connected, click on it and follow the prompts.

Step 5: Select Buy Option After choosing a fund, select the 'Buy' option. Here, you have two choices:

Option A: Normal Buy - This option bundles all transactions within a 24-hour frame to optimize gas fees. You can request a refund at any time before the transaction is processed.

Option B: Instant Buy - Choose this option if you prefer to receive your share instantly, bypassing the 24-hour bundling process.

Step 6: Confirm Your Purchase Review your purchase details, confirm the transaction, and authorize the payment from your connected wallet.

Step 7: Monitor Your Investment Once the transaction is successful, you'll receive your fund shares. You can monitor your investment and its performance from the 'My Portfolio' section on our website.

Selling shares follows a similar process. You can opt for a Normal Sell, which processes within 24 hours, or an Instant Sell, which executes immediately. Remember that a 1.5% premium applies to both buying and selling shares in the fund, so factor this into your investment decisions.

Investing in Basket's on-chain mutual funds is as simple as that! For any further queries or assistance, our customer support team is always ready to help.

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